Why a pre-analysis data plan is important, useful and easily done

More and more scientists talk about open science and preregistering your design. The main goal is to warrant the quality of the research and to ensure that the knowledge is shared. I have a positive experience with preregistration. However, is can oftentimes seem daunting and binding. My fellow PhDs ask me: ‘what if I make... Continue Reading →

Open science and pre-registration: let’s unite instead of fight

Open science and pre-registration, why am I writing a blog about this? I often hear that PhD’s perceive their work as stressful, competitive, solitary and disconnected with the rest of the world. A seemingly unrelated problem is the private profit maximization and the collective inefficiency in information asymmetries that are inherent in competitive markets. What... Continue Reading →

Crowdfunding for science! Blog #5

Financial concerns are the biggest cause of stress for scientists. Crowdfunding can be used to fund small (parts of) research projects. It is important to note that crowdfunding for research is in an early-stage. Also, in general the assembled amounts are small compared to the amounts given through research grants. Still, crowdfunding has its value for... Continue Reading →

Open science and crowdfunding? BLOG#2

What do crowdfunding and open science have in common and why is this important?  In this blog series we consider the option of crowdfunding as a funding method for (small parts of) scientific projects. Remember from the first blog that crowdfunding is an online funding method currently used by several Universities. It is important to... Continue Reading →

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