The Doctorate Committee has approved my dissertation!

Lots of people give me money How effective is sharing information about the donation amount of earlier donors to potential donors? Research shows that donors tend to mirror the donation amount of others. This behavior, adjusting the donation amount to the donation behavior of others, is described as the social information hypotheses. Following to the... Continue Reading →

Why a pre-analysis data plan is important, useful and easily done

More and more scientists talk about open science and preregistering your design. The main goal is to warrant the quality of the research and to ensure that the knowledge is shared. I have a positive experience with preregistration. However, is can oftentimes seem daunting and binding. My fellow PhDs ask me: ‘what if I make... Continue Reading →


Click here for my PhD Portfolio. Biography Claire (1992) was born in Haarlem, the Netherlands. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2013, she decided to continue her studies at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) University. In 2014, she obtained a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology after conducting an internship as at the Hague University... Continue Reading →

COURSE manual: Reaching the crowd

The following course is hosted by the VU Graduate Winter School between the 14th and 18th of January 2019 at the VU University. You can read the complete course manual here. If you want to apply, click here.  Reaching the crowd: Video making and online engagement for research promotion, transparency and impact. Contact summary Course level... Continue Reading →

Workshop! Jonge wetenschappers on Stage met ScientistWanted

Op 15 juni ben ik samen met ScientistWanted en Yvonne Smit terug te vinden op Bessensap 2018, in Amsterdam. Bessensap brengt wetenschappers en journalisten bij elkaar in een gezellig onderonsje >> Tijdens Bessensap organiseren wij een speciale workshop voor promovendi: het bereiken van de samenleving en het communiceren van onderzoeksbevindingen. ScientistWanted - Jonge wetenschappers on... Continue Reading →

Update proposal/PhD trajectory

Over the last two years my PhD project has changed  a lot and is therefore no longer directly comparable to the original proposal. The document below presents a general overview of the major changes compared to the original proposal and ideas for further research. Major changes compared to the proposal: Dissertation supervisor team: Prof dr. R.H.F.P.... Continue Reading →

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