A changing donor, summary. Blog #7

Do charities have to change their strategies in order to stay in the game? These are two important questions. If the target group changes, so should the organization. Right? Yes, probably but in which way? The philanthropic world is experiencing an overall participation decrease: fewer individuals donate. Are we still satisfying the needs of donors?... Continue Reading →

Next generation, next step. Blog#6

What is the next step for charities and donors? It should be clear that charities are probably going to have to change a couple of things, one of them the way donors give. The need for a change should not be seen as a threat, but as an opportunity.Next generation donors show less interest in... Continue Reading →

Impact: I want to make a difference! Blog#2

What does a donor want and need? This is an important question for nonprofits to consider. Another important question is: how can I satisfy the need of my donor(s)? People are becoming less pro social and charities note that their solicitation methods are less effective than before: generosity is declining. So lets start thinking about changing/updating the solicitation methods.... Continue Reading →

Crowdfunding for science! Blog #5

Financial concerns are the biggest cause of stress for scientists. Crowdfunding can be used to fund small (parts of) research projects. It is important to note that crowdfunding for research is in an early-stage. Also, in general the assembled amounts are small compared to the amounts given through research grants. Still, crowdfunding has its value for... Continue Reading →

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