Dutch households gave €2.4 milliard in 2018

We just published the newest insights of the Giving in the Netherlands Panel Studies. The total amount donated by Dutch households increased with 10%, from €2.2 milliard in 2015 to €2.4 milliard in 2018. This increase is larger than the inflation of the period 2015-2018, which was 3.4%.However, the value of the donations did not... Continue Reading →

Fundraising during the COVID-19 crisis: Crowdfunding as an online solution?

The current COVID-19 crisis has forced many charities to rethink their fundraising strategies, since physical distancing prevents the use of several strategies. One solution could be an increasing focus on crowdfunding: an online donation method. The Netherlands is one of the few European counties witnessing an increase in crowdfunding donations, but is it enough? Below... Continue Reading →

A changing donor, summary. Blog #7

Do charities have to change their strategies in order to stay in the game? These are two important questions. If the target group changes, so should the organization. Right? Yes, probably but in which way? The philanthropic world is experiencing an overall participation decrease: fewer individuals donate. Are we still satisfying the needs of donors?... Continue Reading →

Dag van de Filantropie 2018 (NL)

De dag van de filantropie 2018 was zeker interessant en inspirerend. Wat kan filantropie betekenen voor het onderwijs? Een zeer belangrijke vraag. Veel belangrijker dan de meeste mensen denken. Onderwijs en onderzoek is niet bepaald een populaire geef categorie. Mogelijk omdat mensen het zien als een overheidstaak. Ja, de overheid is verantwoordelijk voor het financieren... Continue Reading →

The 3 basics of philanthropy Blog#3

What does a donor need? In order to answer this question we considered the importance of efficacy and quality singels. But maybe I forgot an essential step: the three basics of philanthropy. In order for a donor to care about philanthropy they should know what it is. Do they?  Hé! Each month I will upload a... Continue Reading →

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