NEW in NVSQ: Look to Others Before You Leap

People are influenced by the #donation behavior of others (i.e. social information), but why & when? The article written with Rene Bekkers and Bianca Beersma explores the effectiveness of social information as a charitable stimulant. While the societal and scientific focus on philanthropy has increased (Schuyt, 2012), the field misses a solid theoretical framework as … Continue reading NEW in NVSQ: Look to Others Before You Leap


Crowdfunding research: how does that work?

Written by Connie van Uffelen news editor at the Delta Journalistic platform TU Delft.  Is crowdfunding an option to finance your research? PhD student Claire van Teunenbroek from the Centre for Philanthropic Studies at the VU is exploring that topic. Lees in het Nederlands As a researcher, you are increasingly dependent on research funding from third … Continue reading Crowdfunding research: how does that work?

Upcoming COURSE: Reaching the Crowd: Video-making and Online Engagement for Research Promotion, Transparency and Impact

The value of research lies not just in developing knowledge, but also in communicating the findings: so reach out to the crowd and connect!  With that being said, let me introduce you to the following awesome course I'll give in collaboration with Scientist Wanted provided by the VU Graduate Winter School: Video-making and Online Engagement for Research … Continue reading Upcoming COURSE: Reaching the Crowd: Video-making and Online Engagement for Research Promotion, Transparency and Impact

Crowdfunding to fetch our T-rex: A lot of coins for a lot of old bones

As of May 2018 I’m an official blogger for several sites. I wrote this blog a short while ago, it is featured by ISTR.

ISTR 2018 Conference Blog

Guest post by Claire van Teunenbroek, 3rd year PhD student at the Center for Philanthropic Studies at VU University. You can read more about Claire’s research on her blog here.

Trix the T.rex: a successful Dutch crowdfunding project

A long time ago far away from Amsterdam, ‘Trix’ the Tyrannosaurus (T-rex) roamed the earth. She stood twelve meters tall, weighed five thousand kilos and had more than 50 sharp teeth of about 20 centimetres long. These days, the T-rex skeleton (lovingly dubbed “Trix,” which is a common Dutch pet name and the nickname for our previous queen) travels through Europe thanks to more than 23,000 Dutch donors. After the tour, the T-rex will be on permanent display at the Naturalis, a Dutch museum of Biodiversity.

The bones of this beautiful female T-Rex, who lived about 66 to 67 million years ago, were found in Montana, USA during an…

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16 juni: Een goede dag voor de jonge wetenschap

Scientist Wanted

Afgelopen vrijdag 16 juni stond ScientistWanted op Bessensap met een eigen workshop. Promovendi Yvonne Smit en Claire van Teunenbroek, deelnemers aan de eerste ronde van ScientistWanted, stelden er een interactief programma voor samen om wetenschappers, journalisten en wetenschapscommunicatoren in de discussie te betrekken: hoe zorgen we voor meer jonge wetenschappers in het publieke domein?

Doel van de sessie was tweeledig: ten eerste om een aantal jonge wetenschappers een podium te bieden, en ten tweede om met zowel het panel als de zaal in discussie te gaan over de voors- en tegens van jonge wetenschappers op het podium. Kunnen ze het eigenlijk wel, in de breedte communiceren? Hebben alfa’s het makkelijker dan beta’s? Hoe ondersteunen we ze nu, en kan en moet dat beter?

De jonge wetenschappers uit alle hoeken van de wetenschap kregen 1 minuut om hun onderzoek te pitchen. De pitches werden gefilmd, zodat ze ook later nog getoond…

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