NEW paper in JBPA: Follow the crowd

Follow the crowd? Research shows that donors tend to mirror the donation amounts of others, that is the social information effect. Is social information more effective when the crowdfunding campaign just launched, or towards the end? The article written with Rene Bekkers has been published by Journal of Behavioral Public Administration (JBPA) for a summary of... Continue Reading →

Follow the crowd! The effect of information on donation behavior

Why do we donate more when others are doing it too? This question has motivated me throughout my PhD. I still don’t have a concrete answer, and I don’t expect I will have one any time soon. Human behavior is such a mystery! I feel very fortunate for being payed to do what I love:... Continue Reading →

abstract SABE/IAREP conference

Follow the crowd: Social information and crowdfunding donations in a large field experiment A common technique in fundraising is the use of social information, i.e. information on donations made by other donors. Previous research in offline contexts suggests social information on average increases donations by 15%. What is the effect of social information in online... Continue Reading →

Abstract has been accepted as an oral presentation at WINK: The Nudge Conference.

Joining the Crowd? Social Information Effects on Giving in a Large Natural Field Experiment Claire van Teunenbroek, Center for Philanthropic Studies, Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam, René Bekkers, Center for Philanthropic Studies, Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam,   Abstract (max 200 words) Background: Philanthropic crowdfunding is an online funding method with a growing popularity. Methods:... Continue Reading →

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