Fundraising during the COVID-19 crisis: Crowdfunding as an online solution?

The current COVID-19 crisis has forced many charities to rethink their fundraising strategies, since physical distancing prevents the use of several strategies. One solution could be an increasing focus on crowdfunding: an online donation method. The Netherlands is one of the few European counties witnessing an increase in crowdfunding donations, but is it enough? Below... Continue Reading →

NEW paper in JBPA: Follow the crowd

Follow the crowd? Research shows that donors tend to mirror the donation amounts of others, that is the social information effect. Is social information more effective when the crowdfunding campaign just launched, or towards the end? The article written with Rene Bekkers has been published by Journal of Behavioral Public Administration (JBPA) for a summary of... Continue Reading →

Crowdfunding for science: let it be?

I am often asked about the opportunity of crowdfunding to fund scientific projects. Is it of any use? Isn't it insignificant, meaning that the amounts assembled are too small. In my opinion crowdfunding should not be overlooked and is has its opportunities. Is it a savior? No it is not, but what is? Well, not a... Continue Reading →

ARTICLE: Follow the crowd (van Teunenbroek & Bekkers)

For the latest draft: click here The following article is under review, comments and suggestions are always welcome ( Below I summarize the main findings, for a complete overview of the findings please read the draft presented above. Short summary (really short) Introduction: Guiding human decision making by a discrete suggestion, that is a nudge,... Continue Reading →

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