Fundraising during the COVID-19 crisis: Crowdfunding as an online solution?

The current COVID-19 crisis has forced many charities to rethink their fundraising strategies, since physical distancing prevents the use of several strategies. One solution could be an increasing focus on crowdfunding: an online donation method. The Netherlands is one of the few European counties witnessing an increase in crowdfunding donations, but is it enough? Below... Continue Reading →

NEW paper in JBPA: Follow the crowd

Follow the crowd? Research shows that donors tend to mirror the donation amounts of others, that is the social information effect. Is social information more effective when the crowdfunding campaign just launched, or towards the end? The article written with Rene Bekkers has been published by Journal of Behavioral Public Administration (JBPA) for a summary of... Continue Reading →

Stimulating giving with one small addition

Practical implications for the use of social information as a stimulant for donation behavior.  The following report is a summary of my dissertation and based on five years of scientific research. In this report we discuss how and when social information can be used as a stimulant for charitable giving. Why follow the donation behavior... Continue Reading →

VLOG: 10 requirements of crowdfunding

Click here to watch the VLOG. I made a short VLOG about the 10 requirement of crowdfunding. I explain the 10 key characteristics of crowdfunding and how you can use these as a list of requirements. Does your idea apply for crowdfunding? Watch the VLOG and find out. Click here to watch the VLOG  

Crowdfunding research: how does that work?

Written by Connie van Uffelen news editor at the Delta Journalistic platform TU Delft.  Is crowdfunding an option to finance your research? PhD student Claire van Teunenbroek from the Centre for Philanthropic Studies at the VU is exploring that topic. Lees in het Nederlands As a researcher, you are increasingly dependent on research funding from third... Continue Reading →

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