Did the connection fail? The slow digital transformation of donations

This blog was published by Alliance Magazine, click here for the original post. When did you last donate to an online donation campaign? Researchers at the ERNOP conference came to an astonishing conclusion: the digital transformation for the non-profit sector hasn’t happened yet, at least not in terms of donations. Sure, lots of charities use... Continue Reading →

Crowdfunding science-only projects: Good alliance, or bad marriage?

Slides of the presentation: Crowdfunding for Science_VanTeunenbroek2018 I've been asked to provide a lecture about the possibilities of crowdfunding to fund scientific projects (that is science-only crowdfunding). For a short preview, see below: There is an increasing focus on third party funding to support scientific research, since it can be a resourceful way for scholars and... Continue Reading →

abstract SABE/IAREP conference

Follow the crowd: Social information and crowdfunding donations in a large field experiment A common technique in fundraising is the use of social information, i.e. information on donations made by other donors. Previous research in offline contexts suggests social information on average increases donations by 15%. What is the effect of social information in online... Continue Reading →

Abstract has been accepted as an oral presentation at WINK: The Nudge Conference.

Joining the Crowd? Social Information Effects on Giving in a Large Natural Field Experiment Claire van Teunenbroek, Center for Philanthropic Studies, Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam, p.s.c.van.teunenbroek@vu.nl René Bekkers, Center for Philanthropic Studies, Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam, r.bekkers@vu.nl   Abstract (max 200 words) Background: Philanthropic crowdfunding is an online funding method with a growing popularity. Methods:... Continue Reading →

Forthcoming– Accepted for ARNOVA’s 2016 Conference, with René Bekkers

I’m excited about the opportunity to be one of the writers for my third conference paper. In collaboration with my promotor, prof. dr. René Bekkers. Unfortunatly, I can't be present myself. However my colleague René Bekkers (also VU University, Center for philanthropy) we will present the paper at ARNOVA’s 2016 Conference in Washington, November 19-21. Joining the Crowd: The... Continue Reading →

Social Aspects and Successfully Funding a Crowdfunding Project

Text based on my conference paper : van Teunenbroek, P. S. C. (2016). Social Aspects and Successfully Funding a Crowd-Funding Project: The Impact of Social Information. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Journal of Social, Behavioral, Educational, Economic, Business and Industrial Engineering, 10(6), 1765-1776.  http://www.waset.org/publications/10004657 During the presentation I presented the preminarly results... Continue Reading →

44th ARNOVA conference, Chicago. Nov 18-21, 2015

Social information as a stimulant in philanthropic crowdfundingI A systematic literature review of the effects of social information on donation behavior Peggy Sue Claire van Teunenbroek*, Irma Borst Faculty of Social Sciences, VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands Paper presented at the 44th Arnova conference, Chicago, November 19-21, 2015 Abstract Recently, crowdfunding -raising external funding through... Continue Reading →

The influence of social information in a crowdfunding context

The greater the experienced uncertainty in a social situation, the stronger the inclination to seek clarifying information from others (Bekkers, 2012; King, 1975); e.g. during a lab experiment imitating a charitable situation, participants sought for verbal reassurance that they were giving the ‘right’ amount (Blake, Rosenbaum, & Duryea, 1955). Moreover, social information can be connected... Continue Reading →

Seminars & Conferences

2018: Lecture TU Delft Crowdfunding science-only projects: A good alliance, or bad marriage? There is an increasing focus on third party funding to support scientific research, since it can be a resourceful way for scholars and academics to fund. An example of such a less traditional funding method is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is an online funding... Continue Reading →

Crowdfundingday May 12, 2015

The Dutch Crowdfundingday 2015 was organized by Douw&Koren and Event Deparment. During this day one could learn from the most successful crowdfunding campaigns, experts and simply connect! Let’s not forget that crowdfunding is called CROWD funding, so the community behind the creator is of great importance. This aspect was emphasized by several speakers like Benjamin... Continue Reading →

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