Lots of people give me money!

The date is set! The public defense of my PhD thesis will take place on Thursday the 19th of November (2020), from 9:45. You can download the full dissertation via OSF: https://mfr.de-1.osf.io/render?url=https://osf.io/rnsmc/?direct%26mode=render%26action=download%26mode=render Summary How effective is sharing information with potential donors about previous donors’ donation amounts (that is social information) in affecting the donation behavior?... Continue Reading →

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Dutch households gave €2.4 milliard in 2018

We just published the newest insights of the Giving in the Netherlands Panel Studies. The total amount donated by Dutch households increased with 10%, from €2.2 milliard in 2015 to €2.4 milliard in 2018. This increase is larger than the inflation of the period 2015-2018, which was 3.4%.However, the value of the donations did not... Continue Reading →

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Click here for my PhD Portfolio. Biography Claire (1992) was born in Haarlem, the Netherlands. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2013, she decided to continue her studies at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) University. In 2014, she obtained a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology after conducting an internship as at the Hague University... Continue Reading →

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Presentation: Lots of people give me money

How effective is sharing information with potential donors about previous donors’ donation amounts (that is social information) in affecting the donation behavior? Social information informs individuals about the behavior of others which can be used to increase individual donation amounts. If social information increases donations, why is that? In which situations is the effect of... Continue Reading →

NEW paper in JBPA: Follow the crowd

Follow the crowd? Research shows that donors tend to mirror the donation amounts of others, that is the social information effect. Is social information more effective when the crowdfunding campaign just launched, or towards the end? The article written with Rene Bekkers has been published by Journal of Behavioral Public Administration (JBPA) for a summary of... Continue Reading →

NEW in NVSQ: Look to Others Before You Leap

People are influenced by the #donation behavior of others (i.e. social information), but why & when? The article written with Rene Bekkers and Bianca Beersma explores the effectiveness of social information as a charitable stimulant. While the societal and scientific focus on philanthropy has increased (Schuyt, 2012), the field misses a solid theoretical framework as... Continue Reading →

New forms of philanthropy: New ways of support

Philanthropy: the individual voluntary contribution (money, time, goods expertise) for the benefit of the public good (Payton, 1988). I started my very first article citing this definition. However, five years later I question whether this definition still applies. These days we can share a lot more than just money, time (i.e. volunteering) and expertise. While... Continue Reading →

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